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Introducing Adam Moore

Renowned as a distinguished figure in the culinary realm, Chef Adam Moore stands as a preeminent corporate chef, captivating public speaker, accomplished TV presenter, Weight loss champion (recently losing over 80 kg) and a globally recognised award-winning innovator. With an illustrious career that spans multifarious domains, Adam Moore's journey has been one marked by excellence and unwavering commitment. Recently Adam was Inducted into the Hall of Fame for the FSAA Foodservice Suppliers Association of Australia for his tireless commitment to the industry.

Commencing his odyssey within the culinary world as an apprentice in esteemed hotel kitchens, Adam embarked on a trajectory that saw him ascend through the echelons of his craft. Through perseverance and proficiency, he ventured forth to lead independently, orchestrating multiple branches of a prominent restaurant chain in his hometown and beyond.

Driven by an insatiable quest for professional growth, Adam has meticulously acquired formal qualifications across diverse disciplines, including Commercial Cookery, Hotel and Business Management, and specialised expertise in pastry, charcuterie, and butchery. His mastery encompasses HACCP and Food Safety, Food Science, Sensory and Organoleptic Science, and the artistry of food styling and photography.

Boasting an unparalleled legacy spanning over three decades, Adam's footprint is imprinted across various culinary spheres, including restaurants, foodservice, retail, quick-service establishments, food manufacturing, research and development, marketing, and sales. His resumé boasts a succession of illustrious affiliations, counting among them ACCOR hotels, Mars Australia, George Weston Foods, Suntory, Kraft Heinz, Cerebos Foods, NAFDA Foods, Plant-based Proform Foods, and the multinational titan Campbell Arnott’s. He assumes the mantle of a Culinogist and distinguished lead expert, orchestrating consumer-centric recipe innovation and pioneering culinary trends. His role encompasses spearheading new product development initiatives and offering invaluable insights to food and beverage enterprises pursuing innovation. To date, Adam's visionary contributions have facilitated the introduction of over $300 million dollars worth of groundbreaking innovations into the global marketplace.

Endorsed as a Certified Executive Chef (CEC) by the Research Chefs Association, Adam Moore holds membership in the Australian Institute of Food Scientists while also wielding the mantle of a preeminent culinary adjudicator across national and international competitions in the gastronomic realm. His engagement with the Global Research Chefs Association underscores his steadfast dedication to advancing the frontiers of culinary exploration.

Yet, beyond his culinary prowess, Adam's commitment to humanitarian causes is an indelible facet of his persona. Commencing his altruistic endeavours at the tender age of 13, he has consistently championed charitable causes, even pioneering a soup kitchen to serve the homeless—an endeavour that continues to animate his compassionate spirit to this day. Remarkably, his efforts have yielded over $7 million AUD for a spectrum of organisations, culminating in the conferral of the Order of Australia Medal for his philanthropic undertakings at the age of 18.

In the realm of advocacy, Adam's stature as a National Ambassador for Cure Cancer and RUOK? is emblematic of his enduring commitment to community well-being. Serving as an exemplar of industry mentorship, he extends support to emerging chefs, culinary entrepreneurs, and the broader hospitality sector, lending his acumen to the culinary arts and mental health matters.

Adam's commanding presence extends beyond the culinary arena, permeating the media landscape through a diverse portfolio of television and corporate video appearances. His contributions to esteemed platforms such as Channel 10 and Studio 10 resonate with audiences, while his written insights grace the pages of leading culinary publications. Concurrently, his global perspective finds expression in the realm of social media, where he garners a robust following spanning both Australian and international patrons.

In summation, Chef Adam Moore's journey is one defined by mastery, compassion, and an unrelenting commitment to culinary excellence, community upliftment, and the betterment of his industry peers. His legacy is an enduring source of inspiration to aspirants and connoisseurs alike, and his multifaceted persona continues to illuminate and enrich the world of gastronomy and beyond.


Keynote Topics Adams's expertise can be used.

  • TV hosting and Presenting

  • Food, Food Culture and Food History

  • Beverages Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic 

  • Recipe Innovation and Creation

  • Flavour development and Flavour pairings 

  • Innovation from creation to reality

  • Motivational and Inspirational

  • Weight Loss (Adam has Lost 80kg so far and still going)

  • Australian Brands and History

  • Food Science

  • Mental Health and issues

  • Community and Charity

  • Music of all genres, including bands and singers

  • Pop culture

  • Collecting

  • Food Books and Culinary Literacy

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